Behind the scene of 2019 Africa Eco Race

With LORA Graphics remote LIVE production solution

More than a hundred vehicles started the AFRICA ECO RACE on Sunday, December 30, 2018 in Monaco. During this 11th edition, competitors travelled more than 6000kms across Africa, from Nador to Dakar.

Throughout the race, a daily show from the bivouac was broadcast on the AFRICA ECO RACE Facebook page and on the EUROSPORT web site.

The technical resources were provided by ParisWebCube, a leader in the setting up of temporary internet networks via wifi and satellite, and in video captation and streaming. The images were sent from Africa via its mobile satellite installation.

LORA Solutions provided ready-to use apps for mixing streams, video files and dynamic graphics. The LORA Graphics solution allowed the ParisWebCube director to remotely control the system via a preconfigured button panel. He was able to easily switch sources and edit the dynamic data to be displayed in real time. The LORA Pop app is available remotely, on a tablet, phone or computer. The video output was sent in parallel on the AFRICA ECO RACE Facebook page and on the EUROSPORT web site.

Once again, ParisWebCube and LORA Solutions have combined their know-how and technical skills to provide customer with a simple, turnkey and cost-effective solution for live production and streaming from the great African desert.