France 3 relies on LORA Graphics Solution

to brand its news feeds from Paris Île-de-France regional broadcast

Regional broadcast of France 3 Paris Île-de-France, part of France Télévisions, lost its technical equipment because of a fire on last July. The challenge was to come back to regular broadcasting, including news fabrication from its Vanves facilities, no later than one and a half months after. The challenge was met from an OB van, thanks to the involvement of teams of France 3.

Supplying the graphic solution was delegate to LORA Solutions, which delivered and installed a turnkey system, including a server and templates matching France Télévisions’ graphics identity, as well as LORA Pop: a software button- box, pre-configured to easily control requested graphics. This turnkey service allows the operators to take up their positions and familiarizing themselves with their new technical environment.

Once France 3’s teams were more available, LORA Solutions introduced LORA Graphics suite in its entirety, allowing them to work in a total autonomy, to create and validate new graphics and their own LORA Pop remote controls.

« LORA Solutions has allowed us to focus on our other technical issues, our graphics was in good hands. LORA Solutions’ team has been responsive and available to help us going through this rough time », said Frédéric Hertz, Head of Regional broadcast of France 3 Paris Ile-de-France.

Estelle Rougieux, co-manager and Development Manager of LORA Solutions, added: « we are pleased to assist the teams of France 3 and to be able to answer all their needs and constraints, both technical and organizational. »

France 3 Paris Ile-de-France teams has been working with LORA Graphics system since August 2016.

About LORA Solutions :
LORA Solutions was founded in December 2013. It offers software solutions and services for the audiovisual and broadcast industry.

About France Télévisions :
First French audiovisual group, France Télévisions is made of 6 national channels – France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5, France Ô and franceinfo, to which must be added the 13 regional directorates of France 3, as well as 9 overseas TV stations and 9 overseas radios, the 1ères, and finally, a complete offer of digital services.
France Télévisions is the leading TV broadcaster in France, whatever the screen, with an annual audience share of 28.6% in 2016, 18 millions of individual viewers and 4.1 billions of video seen through all platforms in 2016. Over half French people is daily watching programmes of France Télévisions. France Télévisions is providing a rich and diversified editorial offer, highlighting creation and information, unique in French broadcasting.
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