Remote control of your LIVE event

LORA PopCast provides you efficient tools for remote realisation with control and multiview features.
Prepare and access your video feeds and drive your LIVE from anywhere for a cost-effective production. Stay close to the action controlling your server from the place of your event.
Your mobile control room

LORA PopCast has been designed for you to carry it easily if you need.
Plug in and it’s ready! You have nothing to reconfigure, your production tools are ready-to-use.
You have a mobile and complete control room with built-in mixer and graphics features!
No compromise on quality

Whether on site or remotely, your LORA PopCast Server will always provide you with a high quality image.
The first hybrid LIVE production solution, both SDI and IP, both “On-Premise” and “Remote”, LORA PopCast adapts to all your constraints and all your events.
Streams, media and graphics mixing
  1. Up to 3 SDI inputs
  2. IP input streams
  3. HTML document or web site
  4. Video loop
  5. Video file with alpha channel
  6. Picture file with alpha channel
  7. Audio file
  8. Standard dynamic graphics
  9. Volume control
  10. Audio-follow or selection of the audio source
  1. Skype®
  2. HDMI input or output
  3. Custom templates development (social network, sport, weather forecast...)
Picture In Picture & Split Screen
  1. Insert a secondary feed
  2. Insert a video file
  3. Insert a video call
  1. SDI
  2. IP (Facebook, Twitter/Periscope, YouTube...)
  3. Video file recording
Interface de pilotage
  1. Easy-to-use interface
  2. Customisable layouts
  3. Remote control from a computer or a tablet
  4. Remote preview of input and ouput feeds
  5. Instant editing of dynamic data
  6. Importing media files by CIFS or FTP
  7. End of file countdown for video and audio
  8. Multi-user