Live production for the event 20km de Paris

Streams and video files mixing for remote and cost-efficient live production

For the first time this year, the French national event 20km de Paris was broadcast and commented on Facebook Live and YouTube: more than 4 hours of a not interrupted show.

ParisWebCube, a leader in the setting up of temporary internet networks via wifi and satellite, and in video captation and streaming, was in charge of preparing the technical infrastructure to produce this live. In this context, ParisWebCube requested LORA Solutions to provide a ready-to-use solution for aggregating feeds from mobile cameras, tweets and video files.

For capturing the race, ParisWebCube relies on AVIWEST products to send videos in 4G to a remote server hosted on its premises. LORA Graphics system then get these streams using RTSP protocol.

The technical service set up by ParisWebCube with the LORA Solutions and AVIWEST equipment enabled to capture the images of the race, filmed by two motorcycles with camera embedded, and to put them on-air in high quality with less than 3 seconds delay.

The LORA Graphics solution also provided the director with a preview of video streams and other sources, and a mixer function via the LORA Pop app.

LORA Graphics server and applications were installed and configured in one hour and took a minimal space: the solution was hosted on a standard workstation and controlled from a WIFI tablet.

Why using this AVIWEST / LORA Solutions technical architecture than another one?
  1. Less expensive than HF capture
  2. More mobility, no distance constraints between the camera equipped with an AVIWEST transmitter and the LORA Graphics server
  3. Avoid the 30 seconds delay minimum when using standard streaming server
  4. Quick installation, preconfigured and ready-to-use solution
  5. Reduced size, 1 single server to aggregate streams, videos, images, sound, external sites and dynamic graphics
  6. HD video