Production server with built-in-mixer
  1. SDI, IP, NDI streams and video calls as external feeds
  2. Multimedia files playback: video, still picture, audio
  3. Internal storage and CIFS, FTP or OneDrive access
  4. Document or HMTL page display feature
  5. Video and audio mixing
Graphics and Picture-in-Picture
  1. Graphics templates included (CG, multiline text, logo...)
  2. Real-time editing of on-air metadata
  3. Chroma key management
  4. Picture-in-Picture with one or more external feeds
  5. Mixer tuning (size and position of inlays, volume...)
"On premise" or "Remote" control
  1. LORA Pop: an easy-to-use and intuitive tool
  2. Available on any web browser (PC, MAC or tablet)
  3. On site or remote access
  4. Configuration and control of PTZ cameras
  5. Multiuser and multiclient
Multiplatform broadcast
  1. SDI and/or IP/NDI output
  2. Streaming to social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter...)
  3. Multiview for external feeds and output, also remotely
  4. Recording of the output video
  5. Compatibility with Aspera transfer tools (decode-while-encode)
Tailor-made solution
  1. Alto Package : compact desktop server, SDI included
  2. Zen Package : laptop with 2 touch screens
  3. Customisable hardware (rackable server, storage...)
  4. Templates or interfaces development
  5. Preconfigured and ready-to-use