LORA Maestro

Make it easy...

Your project is unique. That's why we wanted to provide an effective and reliable tool that adapts to your needs, your organisation and the equipment you have chosen.

This tool is LORA Maestro, an agnostic gateway to make your systems communicate. We implement the right interfaces according to your needs: exchange of XML metadata, files reception or conversion, connection to databases, Web Services or proprietary APIs, sending commands to equipment, automatic processing, connection to social networks, calculations and statistics ...

Why choosing LORA Maestro?

Simplify your operating procedures. Your system is made of many devices from several manufacturers. Even if these systems are more and more open and allow access to their data via Web Services or other communication protocols, you must implement the workflows yourself to exploit them. In this context, LORA Maestro becomes the exchange gateway for your tools and simplifies your daily and repetitive procedures: interfaces are custom developed and run automatically.

Control your risks and costs. Without any database, LORA Maestro is easy to be installed and requires no special hardware or maintenance. Less expensive than a workflow engine, LORA Maestro lets you run multiple tasks in the same time and independently. An intuitive user interface allows you to track and control them remotely. For even more reactivity, receive notifications by email something goes wrong.

Evolve at your convenience, LORA Maestro will adapt to you. At any time, it’s possible to add, delete or modify any interface. You just need to contact us and we will design together the best solutions. Be sure we will give you the flexibility and the responsiveness you deserve.