LORA Graphics Solution

Make your pictures come alive

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Because pictures you screen reflect your identity, programmes and channel branding is a key element to your overall strategy. It should looks just like you and push up imagination.

LORA Graphics Solution relies on the most recent technology. It makes your imagination limitless and brings your programmes to life. Our resources are simple to use, ergonomic and adaptable to your needs. Get your ideas started with creative animation and picture-in-picture device, dynamic display of information. Achieve what you have not yet thought of. With LORA Graphics Solution, show off in high definition!

Why choosing LORA Graphics?

Prepare your graphics on a dedicated channel. Preview your template and sequences, adjust your parameters, save your settings. Our tools are designed to make the preparation of your graphics easy.

One solution, multiple formats. SD or HD, SDI, HDMI or IP, both input and output. The solution fits your choices. With the current trend of all-IP, why not multiplying your possibilities while controlling costs with IP graphics?

Interact with your viewers. LORA Graphics Solution integrates a moderation tool for tweets, RSS feeds, Facebook posts or other dynamic information. Fully customisable templates are also available right now for you, so that you can display your information whenever you want.

LORA Graphics Solution, what's that?

LORA Mento : prepare your graphics on a dedicated channel
  • Preparation client with integrated preview
  • Graphical manipulation in real time
  • Creation and preparation of customised sequences and templates
  • Transformation and transition effects management
  • Ready-to-use components included
  • Control of graphics events directly on production channel

  • LORA Composer, included in LORA Mento
  • Graphic preparation of sequences and templates
  • Positioning and resizing objects and effects using drag-and-drop
  • Works with or without graphics server
  • LORA Pop : brand your programmes and your channels in a heartbeat
  • User-configurable software remote control
  • Instant broadcasting of templates or template sequences on one or several layers, on one or more channels
  • Post directly and simply on Facebook Live

  • LORA Bemol : interact with your viewers
  • RSS feeds, Facebook posts and tweets moderation using a web client
  • Direct interface with templates to automate broadcasting of the moderated data
  • LORA Monitor : supervise your system
  • Global and synthetic overview of all your servers
  • Monitoring though a web-based client interface
  • View of objects and layers loaded on each channel
  • Eject layer function for emergency

  • LORA Graphics, a full graphics solution designed to make your operation easier
  • Embeds an open source server and pro video cards
  • Support multiple inputs and outputs of both SD and HD to HD-SDI, HDMI and / or computer screens
  • Software-only solution able to manage multiple video cards in the same station
  • Multi-channel for broadcasting and previewing
  • Up to 9999 independent layers per channel
  • CII and REST interfaces for third-party systems
  • ...

  • LORA Graphics was awarded the Satis/Mediakwest trophies in 2014 and 2015.