LORA Rhapsody, Traffic Solution

Get the full potential out of your programmes

Making the most of your assets and audio-visual investment is both an operational and financial challenge: smooth and efficient managing of your programmes is a key to successful organisation and a guarantee towards profitability.

LORA Rhapsody traffic system fits naturally into your organisation. It interfaces with your tools so that you can easily manage programmes catalogue, control workflows and costs, since purchasing up to broadcasting. It also makes cooperation easier with external organisations - press, suppliers, partners, customers, regulation authorities, audio-visual archives and rights management agencies.

LORA Rhapsody, what for?

Catalog your programmes
  • Centralise financial and legal information
  • Import/export editorial and technical data
  • Manage rights (multidiffusion, exclusivity, exclusion)

  • Schedule your playout
  • Prepare and send playlists for playout
  • Manage sponsorship and ads campaigns
  • Check as-run logs

  • Valuate your investments
  • Control costs and calculate depreciation
  • Increase profitability by optimizing the use of rights
  • Interact with external organisations (EIT, web, third-party systems, press…)

  • LORA Rhapsody, what does it do?

    Contracts Management
  • Contracts and amendments centralisation and archiving
  • Linear and non-linear rights management: entry of general rights, per broadcast cycle, with exclusivity range…
  • Follow-up schedules, payment terms and invoices
  • Visualisation of costs, depreciation, acquired and available rights

  • Programmes Management
  • Programmes catalogue: works and episodes
  • Facilitating the input of data, data from mass run
  • Management of equipment and materials
  • Management of EIT depending on the distribution system
  • Checking of inter-programme compatibility and compliance checking with local regulations
  • Video previewing

  • Schedule Management
  • Pre-grid: help with weekly scheduling by theme
  • Models and multicast rules
  • Programming Grid: playlists preparation and interface with playout system
  • Advertising Management: scheduling in pre-grids, import of external Ad playlists, Ad quotas calculation, As run logs
  • Sponsorships Management: auto-matic programming on all broadcast cycles
  • Post-conductors Management, possibility of reconciliation with the compliance monitoring, extraction and sending to third parts

  • Costs Management
  • Grid costing
  • Calculation of costs relative to a programme (contract and work)
  • Management of purchased or available rights for each programme.
  • Optimising the use of your media assets

  • Why choosing LORA Rhapsody?

    Functional benefits
  • A tool that fits any channel’s type: premium, thematic, regional, local, music, news, and even bouquets.
  • Rationalisation, organisation of the acquisition process and programme management, keeping in mind their final use for transmission or delivery.
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly interface.
  • An opened system to equipment or external organisations : media management, playout system, external scheduling software, Ad sales system, export for press or broadcasting authorities

  • Technical advantages
  • Information stored in a single database.
  • Modular architecture.
  • Standard platform Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 & Oracle database.

  • An overall solution
    LORA Rhapsody traffic system makes it possible to manage the entire workflow related to programmes. From purchasing contracts to the scheduling of broadcast grids and asrun data’s management.
    It aims to facilitate the information’s flow by centralising them in an overall system. It allows a multi-channel management with ability to manage different types of channels, each with their own features and management rights.